Stay ahead of the Game this Tax Season

Stay ahead of changing tax laws with ChangeGPS TaxPlan Advanced tools and upcoming webinar series.


Do you feel ready to tackle the ever-changing landscape of tax planning this season? With the ATO constantly updating their rules and guidance, it can feel like you're playing a game of “whack-a-mole” when trying to keep up with everything.

ChangeGPS has got your back with our new TaxPlan Advanced tool, featuring two new client advice reports to help communicate PCG 2021/4 Professional Firm Profit Allocation and Section 100A Trust Distribution Advice. You can use the tax planning tool to create forecasts for your clients, complete with projections, scenario modelling, and asset protection strategies.

If you’re craving more knowledge around the latest ATO changes and how to communicate them with your client, join our next webinar “Navigating the Delicate Balance Between Lower Audit Risk and Increased Tax Payable with TaxPlan Advanced”.





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22 March 2023